Energy & Safety Audit

Energy Audit

Energy audit is an official scientific study of energy consumption of an organisation / process / plant / equipment aimed at reduction of energy consumption and energy costs without affecting productivity and comforts and suggesting the methods for energy saving and reduction in energy cost. Energy audit is carried out in planned, official manner by every energy intensive organisation/plant management.

Benefits of doing an energy audit?

✔ Helps to reduce energy costs in your facility.
✔ Increase the life span of the equipment in your facility.
✔ Discovers any unaccounted consumption that may exist at the facility.
✔ Increase the security of your energy supply.
✔ Helps reduce environmental damage and pollution.

Safety Audit

A safety audit is a structured assessment and evaluation of how workplace activities can affect health and safety. It helps organizations to evaluate and optimize their health and safety programs and improve safety management.

Reasons for doing a safety audit?

✔ To determine your Safety & Health programs and procedures are working.
✔ To Check the safety of your workplace.
✔ To discover and identify potential hazards.
✔ To verify compliance with applicable rules.
✔ To evaluate the effectiveness of existing management controls.
✔ To check the safety of your equipment.
✔ To evaluate the adequacy of your employees' safety training and performance.
✔ To verify that your processes are in compliance with company policies and regulations.