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Combustible waste from households and industries that is not suitable for recycling undergo thermal treatment in waste incineration plants or furnaces.

You can even burn the Wet Sanitary Napkins or Adult or Kids Diapers.

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Composting is easy and virtually risk-free, composting is a process that breaks down organic waste and turns it into rich manure that can be used to improve the quality of the soil in your farm or garden. Rather than throwing organic waste into the rubbish bin and having waste disposal people deal with it, put it aside and mix it all over time.

Biological Reprocessing

Biological Reprocessing is a process of waste disposal is only applicable to those of organic nature like plants, food scraps and paper products. Organic matter going through the biological decomposition process forms mulch or compost, which later can be used for agricultural purpose. Biological reprocessing helps to speed up the natural decomposition of organic matter. The methane that comes as a gaseous waste can be used for producing heat and electricity. For eg: Bio-Gas Plants


Recycling refers to both the direct reuse of used products (e.g. used clothing and functioning parts removed from used vehicles) and material recycling, that is the recovery of raw materials from waste (e.g. production of new glass from fragments, the melting of scrap iron and the production of recycled building materials from construction waste).

Downcycling refers to the transformation of waste to materials of lower quality than the initially used material.

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Mask/Napkin Burning Machine


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Yes, The National Green Tribunal (NGT) imposed a complete ban on burning of waste in open places and announced a fine on each incident of bulk waste burning. You can use or portable incinerator to burn your wastes effectively, LESS AMOKE & ODOUR and NEAT SURROUNDINGS.